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To obtain a parcel number, click here (opens in a new tab or window) for the Becker County GIS Website. On the GIS website, click on "Search" in the top menu and search by 911 address or the property owner's name.

What type of Survey Do You Need?

There are many types of surveys. Definitions of survey types:

Boundary Survey: To locate boundaries of property.
Topographical Survey: To locate boundaries and topographical features of the property.
Plat: The subdividing of a larger parcel of land into smaller parcels to be sold as lots.
ALTA Survey: A specific type of survey sometimes required for large commercial properties and required by a lender before title insurance will be given to the property. This type of survey requires that on-ground conditions, access, easements, among other requirements are shown on the survey documents.

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Why do you need a Survey?

Frequent reasons for requesting a survey are to resolve boundary line disputes, preparation of a new legal description for a new parcel, correcting a poorly described parcel, etc.

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